Tart Hall of Fame

... Our Kind of Role Models


Miss Piggy
Rachel Griffiths
Ian Cameron loves crazy women. No one who knows him is suprised.
Rachel Griffiths
Stella Duffy nominates Debbie Harry...who looks like an adult, dresses like a diva, and sings like she knows how to fuck.

Cyndi Lauper has a personality you could light fires off, an extraordinary voice and superior songwriting ability

Tina Turner is strong, smart, direct, hot, proud to be who she is and unafraid to let her light shine...an inspiration to Tarts everywhere!

Wonder Woman

Lauren Henderson laments the state of modern superheroines, and waxes nostalgic for the girl in the golden cuffs and glossy knickers.

Modesty Blaise
Lauren looks at the adventuress who was "Cooler than the pretentious James Bond, tougher than the brain-dead Mike Hammer, and with one of the cutest sidekicks in fiction . . . "  
Mae West

"I'm no angel, but I've spread my wings a bit."
Katy Munger looks at the radically funny Brooklyn girl who became a Hollywood powerhouse, the Queen of Sex, and much much more.

Theda Bara

"Given a choice all thinking men would rather go down (and up) with Theda than drift towards death with docile, whey-faced brides." A look at Madame Mystery, The Devil's Daughter, the Unchastened Woman, and the Original Vamp.
Kathleen Turner

"I never play the victim, because I'm never attracted to a woman who doesn't try... can't find anything there."  Lauren Henderson praises "Kathleen, sweetie."

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