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What is Tart Noir? . . .
and who the hell are we?

News You guys have been wonderfully patient while we've been off partying. Oh yeah, and writing some books...
Doll to Die For . . . 
Paperdolls of your favorite Tart Noir characters.
Comet Motel . . .
Bedtime stories for grown ups.
Route 66
You never know where a Tart might go.
  Advice on love and life from one who has been there, done that, and lived to tell about it..

Booksellers We Love. . .
Half Moon Gym . . . 
Man (and sometimes woman) of the moment.

 . . . 
Tart Hall of Fame
Our kind of role models...

Someone needs a spanking, and we know who!

Studio Cafe
Comments on books, movies, music, and more...

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