To Die For

Robin Hudson
TV News Reporter
The All News Network

Called "The sassiest, feistiest, big-mouthed adventuress ever to strut her spike-heeled stuff off the pages of pulp mystery fiction and into the realms of cult heroine," and "the coolest reporter since Rosalind Russell in His Girl Friday, " Robin Hudson is a Rita Hayworth lookalike with opinions on, and an offbeat answer to, just about everything. She plants poison ivy in her window boxes so if burglars rob her and the police don't catch them, they'll have to suffer a painful rash at least. Though anti-gun, she does not hesitate to use other weapons, whatever is at hand, be it pepper spray, a hot glue gun, or a "comatose mafia granny." Prone to the occasional embarrassing screw-up, and travelling under a curse that has her stumbling into murder cases about once a year, she nevertheless always manages to turn things around and get the last laugh. And all this while battling thugs, murderers, jealous mafia wives, her pig boss Jerry Spurdle, office politics, and her downstairs neighbor Mrs. Ramirez, an 80-year-old bully with a blue rinse whose primary occupation is spying on her neighbors and reporting public urinators to the police on her cellphone.

When life takes a woman from the mean streets to a crime scene to a sperm bank to an S&M club, she needs a flexible wardrobe.

Above is paperdoll artist JJ Buch's stylized vision of what Robin Hudson looks like. Below are some of Robin's more notorious outfits, soon to be offered for sale in the Tart City All Night Mall which is now taking pre-orders for shipping late August. Sorry, the downloadable doll option is not yet available.

The Classic Trench Coat
"This is who I thought I would be: a brave, trench-coated figure, looking serious and beautiful, standing in a war zone in some picturesque country, bringing the world my own brilliant and illuminating insights on the news. I saw myself as a hard-hitting correspondent, taking on world leaders, asking them tough questions, bad men cowering and good men swooning in my wake." From What's A Girl Gotta Do .
The Slinky Red Dress
"Obituaries of famous people and ANN personalities are kept on file to be run quickly to air when required. A few years ago, my friend and producer Louis Levin and I put together a fake obit for me, which shows me Forrest Gump-like in a number of different historical scenes. For example, it has me leading an infantry charge at the Battle of the Bulge, jetting off to Scandinavia to pick up my Nobel prizes for literature AND peace with Sam Shepard on my arm, waiting on the moon with a lei to greet Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong, and so forth, all while dressed in a slinky red dress and high heels, my red hair coiffed 1940s-style to enhance my already remarkable resemblance to Rita Hayworth in her glove-peeling performance in Gilda . This is followed by testimonials from folks like Joe, the retired autoworker who, when asked what Robin Hudson did for him, says, 'Cured my male itch.' The idea is, when I die, this tape will be on the obit shelf instead of my real obit, and will run on ANN worldwide, and I'll get the last laugh." From Nice Girls Finish Last.
The Soft-Core Porn Nurse Dress
"Checking myself in the mirror, I had to ask: Would a Power Woman like Janet Reno, Jeane Kirkpatrick or Golda Meir let a man she didn't really know that well feel her up in a deserted corner of the primitive peoples' gallery in the Museum of Natural History? Would she put on a white plastic micromini naughty nurse dress, seamed hose and stilletto heels, and go to a cheap motel in New Jersey to watch porn movies with an actor and hump like monkeys? No apologies from me for it though: when the moon is full, my brain sends a powerful 'Seek Sperm' message, and I am like a she-wolf with her nose in the wind, hoping to pick up the scent of a like-minded male." From The Last Manly Man .

Please note that to prevent unauthorized copying, these web images have been altered to reduce the quality and the clothes shown on this page are not proportionate to the doll. Now taking pre-orders in the Tart City All Night Mall . To stay updated on the doll, mall, and other Tart City news, please send a blank message to mailto:tartcity-subscribe@onelist.comto get on the mailing list

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