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Yay! 2008. Adds up to ten, which adds up to one, which is the primest of the primes, and definitely worth a smart, sexy, whooah-where-did-those-eight-years-since-the-millennium-go update. We have news! For the first time ever, we have extracts from our newest books! We have MySpace and Facebook pages!

We're so techno-friendly it's ridiculous.

As ever, we welcome you to catch up on the new stuff, sink back into a (figurative, mind that electricity!) bubble bath and check out the old pages. Please let us know what you think, how you are, and anything else you want to share on our message board. Also, check out our Myspace and Facebook pages for regular blogs and updates.

Meanwhile, here's what's been updated for 2008:

Table of Contents

What is Tart Noir? . . .
and who the hell are we?

NewsBooks, photos, travels, travails... catch up on the latest!
Half Moon Gym . . . 
Man (and sometimes woman) of the moment.

Comet Motel . . .
Bedtime stories for grown ups.
Route 66
You never know where a Tart might go.
  Advice on love and life from one who has been there, done that, and lived to tell about it..

Booksellers We Love. . .

Tart Hall of Fame
Our kind of role models...

Someone needs a spanking, and we know who!

Studio Cafe
Comments on books, movies, music, and more...

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