Woman of the Month

Gillian Anderson

by Stella Duffy          

...she looks better in a white vest than anyone, male or female, since Marlon Brando in Streetcar. Even with an alien/lizard/slime creature crawling through her spine.

Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson is such a delicious specimen of womanhood, that it's hard to know where to start -- but here's an attempt:

She's little. Sort of cute and smiley and sweet. Which is really very lovely and nice and all that -- until she opens her mouth. Her red soft ludicrously pouting mouth and then she's sexy as the third kiss on a first date that's turned well past midnight into the sleepy eyes of next morning. Because while she starts out looking like the very attractive girl next door, she always ends up more like the girl next door's older sister, the one her father really worries about when dusk turns into night. The one your father worries about when dusk turns into night.

Gillian Anderson

For too many years now Gillian Anderson's Dana Scully has played save-me sidekick to David Duchovny's Mulder, but with this latest series Duchovny's finally broken free of his contractual chains and Chris Carter's love affair with the fucked-up Fox has had to be sidelined, allowing us all the greater joy of more screen time for Anderson.

Gillian Anderson

The woman looks like a forties movie star. Now far be it for me to take another opportunity to complain about Ally McBeal or Sex and The City (oh all right then), but those girls have no SEX APPEAL. OK, Kim Cattrell has sex appeal, but that's why they've just made her character into a super-slut, the boy TV makers didn't know what else to do with such luminous sexuality.

Gillian Anderson, though, has old-fashioned sex appeal. She may not have Bacall's reach or Hepburn's stride, but those two were unusual in a time of small ladies casting great shadows. Plainly put, Gillian Anderson is short. Little. But stand her sideways and, unlike most of the other women currently gracing our screens, you can still see that she's there. She's not a stick insect, a hairdo on whippet legs, she's got curves and round bits and none of it out of place or within a whisper of being anywhere bigger than she "ought" to be: she's simply, and astonishingly, got a woman's body, perfectly proportioned. For God's sake, the girl's got breasts. And hips. Small hips yes, delicate curves, certainly. But definitely there. And not surgically enhanced either. (Not obviously anyway.) Great body, wonderful lips.

What else? Good voice. Really really good voice. Low and quiet and with a slight sexy sibilance. And she looks better in a white vest than anyone, male or female, since Marlon Brando in Streetcar. Even with an alien/lizard/slime creature crawling through her spine.

Gillian Anderson

And she's aged really well. Hell, the X-Files has been on TV forever and she's grown up in it. Gone from girl scientist to woman expert. She has just-there dark shadows under her eyes now. (Shadowed eyes are just so very sexy. They may truthfully denote late nights with a crying kid and a tricky script, but they look like the wearer's been having just too good a time.

A woman who looks fresh as a daisy IS fresh as a daisy (no life, no love, no point.) It's a credit to her acting ability that we take it for granted she knows what she's talking about when she spouts three-minute lines of forensic jargon. It's a credit to her brain that she can memorise them at all. (That or they have someone very adept on an autocue.)

But maybe in the end, it's that old boy/girl difference. They say men fancy woman they want to sleep with, and women fancy other women they really want to be. Well, I've never really gone along with that; I've never wanted to BE my girlfriend for example, but Gillian Anderson? I'm only five foot three (and a half on a good day), and despite what age and life have done to my hair, I was born a redhead, have the freckled skin of a redhead, and certain un-sunbleached parts of my anatomy are still defiantly redheaded. Hell, if I just lost three stone and four years I could BE Gillian Anderson -- because actually, the sexiest thing about Gillian Anderson is watching my girlfriend watch Dana Scully on TV.


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