. . . because some people, corporations and governments need a good spanking

Stella takes on Virginia-my-cosseted-life-is-hell-Woolf.

Lauren can't believe she had to type the whole thing...for free!

Lauren L0VES the men of Law and 0rder,
but N0T the casting directors!

Stella ponders a world's eye view...

Lauren's been reading Vanity Fair...

Suzi Parker likes sex. You got a problem with that?

Lauren rants about adults who dress kids too old...

Katy and Stella discuss Bridget Jones' Diary and the TartCity Message board joins the debate...

Author Jane Haddam takes on those who cry 'faux feminist!' in her own inimitable style....

Lauren whips Women who whore themselves

Stella Duffy wonders why women can't be more like men.

Karin Slaughter pipes up about Peeps.

Lauren vents about food and skinny people

Pissing in the communal punchbowl by Katy Munger

Lauren takes the cat o'nine tails to Ron Miller

Stella puts Bridget and Ally on the rack

Lauren lists things that are pissing her off this month...

Assorted whacks

Sparkle describes Our Dungeon

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