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CaseyJones doll

Katy Munger's Casey Jones is a brick house bottled blonde who doesn't suffer fools lightly and who would rather kick some ass than kiss it. Born in a dirt poor Florida shack, she's left behind a hard scrabble upbringing and a stint in a Jacksonville jail to start a new life in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Casey is a pro through and through when it comes to P.I. work: she's as tenacious as a pitbull on a terrier once she takes on an assignment. Gun fights, car chases and a fist fight or two are all part of the job for Casey. She's big and she's quite frequently bad with about as many men as any woman could handle. But she makes no apologies for any of her appetites and lives each day to the fullest.

Above is paper doll artist JJ Buch's stylized vision of what Casey Jones looks like. Below are some of Casey's more notorious outfits. We're now taking pre-orders in the All Night Mall. Sorry, downloadable doll option is not yet available. All profits go to the artist.

Black Rubber Dress
Undercover Republican
"My wardrobe for the evening was hopeless. Everything was either too low cut, too tight, too short, or too transparent for a fraternity boy shindig. I'd be fighting off drunken frat boys like a dog in heat intent on preserving her honor from the neighborhood studs. I finally settled on a sleeveless white dress with a low scoop neckline that almost, but not quite, hit my belly button. It was a little tight on top and I made a note to cut down on the upper body weight machines because I was starting to look like a fire hydrant.... I had a remnant of red satin I'd been considering for curtains Legworkand wound it around my breasts and and over my shoulders like Miss Liberty. It concealed my cleavage and lent a patriotic air to the whole ensemble. I then tracked down a bright blue negligee some misguided soul had given me. I wound it into a belt, tying it off with a perky bow that perched atop my butt as if my rear end were a gift for the entire party...."

The "Big Butt" Dress

"...I ended up with a strapless evening gown colored a deep jade that was made out of some sort of fabric that gave you plenty of shine but no wrinkle. The thing cut straight to the floor making me look taller than I was. And, of course, strong like a bull. Unfortunately, it had been "updated for the nineties" via two big bunches of fabric atop each hip. This was fun and chic? It looked like giant cabbages were sprouting from my hips.

"No way,' I announced firmly after a quick peek in the mirror. I grabbed the maid's scissors and pulled one of the offending goiters as far out as it would go. It was anchored at the base with heavy-duty thread but I hacked away until it detached. I repeated the process on the other side while Mariela watched, eyes wide. When I was done, I had a dress instead of an agricultural exhibit.

"Look good now," Mariela told me as she made a few adjustments in the waist. "Dress very good for "

"I know," I interrupted. "Very good for big butt."

Money To Burn.
Sam in jeans

All-Purpose Cat Burglar Outfit

What does an All-American girl wear when breaking and entering?

Casey opts for stretch black pants that can easily accommodate PMS swelling plus an extra doughnut or two. She tops this with a light tee that can be worn under a black sweatshirt without roasting her like a pig. Out of TimeShe often wears her Krispy Kreme tee shirt as a reminder that a reward awaits at the end of each assignment. She likes to top off her ensemble with a Sig Sauer and a trustworthy pair of hightops that are reliable enough to guide her past pools of puke, curious house cats and the occasional dead body.

Out of Time and Bad to the Bone.

Please note that to prevent unauthorized copying, these web images have been altered to reduce the quality and the clothes shown on this page are not proportionate to the doll. Now taking pre-orders in the Tart City All Night Mall .

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