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The Many Reasons Why We Love....

Tim Robbins


"Smart, talented, funny, liberal activist, father, living-in-sin with a fabulous woman, and he says Great American things such as 'My philosophy is, don't take no for an answer and be willing to sacrifice your entire project for freedom.' What's not to like? Those goofy good looks don't hurt either. Many a woman smiles to herself thinking of that great scene in Bull Durham where Robbins, as 'Nuke' Laloosh, is splayed, tied to the bed, near-nekkid, while Sarandon reads poetry to him."

-- Sparkle


"I'd fuck him for his politics alone."

-- Katy Munger


"Any man who agrees to be tied up on film can't be all bad."

-- Lauren Henderson

  List compiled by Katy Munger

20 Other Good Reasons Why....
We want to rip Tim Robbin's clothes off and keep him in bed for six hours straight:

"There's always someone telling you not to do something. The main thing is just to ignore them."

1. He is and always has been no one but himself, despite the bullshit swirling about him.

2. A Tart could wrap around him three times and still have a mile of fun left to explore.

"I love iconoclasts. I love individuals. I love people that are true to themselves, whatever the cost."

3. His boyish face promises stamina, while his decadent smile reeks of technique (please tuck that mouse tail back into your mouth, Ms. Sarandon...)

4. No one on the face of this planet looks better in a duster...

5. Have you seen his hands??!!

"I'm six foot four and a half and I have a temper. It's reserved for very important issues. If someone is asking me to make an artistic concession, then I'll become a madman."

6. He had the good sense to land Susan Sarandon and has the intelligence to keep her.

7. Forget boy toys: our man Tim is age 42 - young enough to go at it like a champ and old enough to know how to go about it.

8.Did we mention he was smart? How smart? Smart enough to be an actor, director, producer, screenwriter... and Susan Sarandon's partner.

9.His politics favor people and he makes no apologies for it.

10.He refuses to be labeled.

11.He doesn't suffer fools gladly.

"I think it is so incredibly boring, these black tuxedos. The women get to wear all the fun stuff."

12.He gets up early with his kids and cooks them breakfast so Susan can sleep in.

13.He's the only man we've ever seen who didn't look totally silly in a black garter belt.

14.He wrote, directed and starred in Bob Roberts just when we all thought that no one in the entire U.S.A. had the balls to stand up and point out the hypocrisy of right-wing politicians.

15.He's not afraid to make big movies with an edge - and he makes Hollywood pay him well for the privilege.

"I don't want people to be inspired or offended by what I do. If you determine your behavior by what [other people] want, you're screwed."

16.He really was an altar boy.

17.He rented out an entire resort in the Bahamas for Susan's 50th birthday and invited all of her closest friends to stay for a week.

18.He doesn't give a shit about his looks: you'd never have to wait for the bathroom mirror to be free.

19.He once took 18 months off work to be with his kids.

20.We'd like to sleep with Susan, too.

Tim can be seen in various states of dress and undress in many of the following movies; others reflect his directorial hand:

2000 Mission to Mars
2000 High Fidelity  
1999 Arlington Road  
1999 Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
1999 Cradle Will Rock (Director/Producer/Screenwriter)  
1997 Nothing To Lose  
1995 Dead Man Walking (Director/Producer/Screenwriter)   
1994 The Hudsucker Proxy
1994 The Shawshank Redemption 
1994 I.Q. 
1994 Ready to Wear
1993 Short Cuts
1992 The Player
1992 Bob Roberts (Actor/Director/Screenwriter/Songwriter)

1991 Jungle Fever
1990 Jacob's Ladder
1990 Cadillac Man
1989 Miss Firecracker
1989 Twister 
1989 Erik the Viking
1988 Tapeheads 
1988 Bull Durham
1987 Five Corners
1986 Top Gun 
1986 Howard the Duck 
1985 Malice in Wonderland
1985 Fraternity Vacation 
1985 The Sure Thing 
1984 No Small Affair 
1984 Toy Soldiers
1983 Quarterback Princess

-- Katy

Ah well, at least someone we like is getting it from him regularly....


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