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The Latest Buzz:

Black Book, by Lauren Henderson

and Notes on a Scandal, by Stella

Previous Buzz:

Cate Blanchett as Hedda Gabler

Stella's Not Afraid of Virginia Woolf

The L Word, by Stella

Bitch cheerleaders get what they deserve in one of the worst, and most satisfying, movies ever made.
Jane Haddam reviews Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion.

Chris Niles dies the death of a thousand cuts...

Beth Tindall confesses to watching -- and liking -- "Reality TV"

Sarah Weinman talks about the life of a Writer Groupie. . .

Lauren has been to the movies and rented some videos -- she reviews some flicks and adds her own totty ratings to help you decide.

Katy saved the rest of us a lot of trouble: she has selflessly devoted herself to extensive research into the male mystery author population. No amount of suffering on a bar stool is too much when Katy can dish on Tart City!

Recommended reading

Tartesterone, Volume I

In Praise of HardBoiled Women


At last! A mystery author who brings out the animal in us all:
meet Jessica Speart.

Galveston -- reviewed by Maryelizabeth

Not Much Fun -- The Uncollected Dorothy Parker

  Movies, TV and Video

Gladiator: Lauren cries for Crowe
Gonzo from the Muppets. Tom Cruise. You decide.
Ellen Conford does just that.

Tasty AND Tasteless:
Romeo Must Die
Let's Get Ready to Rumble

Laura Lippman reviews The Insider

Katy looks at Summer of Sam and Clay Pigeons

TV and Video:

Our Kind of chick flicks...

  Guilty Pleasures

Caroline Harris loves Absinthe.

Guilty Pleasures: Katy Munger reviews Notting Hill.


True Lovers of Adventure, Diva's Day Off


Eloise Lipstick

The Chelsea Hotel
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